Introducing the Next Chapter of Boundless

Education is expensive enough, so why are students forced to pay for expensive textbooks that have been rehashing the same concepts for decades? Why are they required to pay for the privilege of turning in homework via digital lock-ins? It seems the educational content world is working against them.

No more.

At Boundless, we know that high-quality educational content should be free and designed with the student in mind. That’s why students are at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to giving them the best tools and content possible. Today, we’re excited to announce the next chapter of Boundless. We are coming out of private beta, and offering expanded content library in our brand new learning experience.

Coming Out of Private Beta

Over the past year, we’ve worked with thousands of students at over a thousand schools to make the new Boundless the best it can be. Now we’re emerging from closed beta and launching a massive product overhaul.

Starting today, any student can sign up for Boundless and access our content and platform. Our free online textbook replacements are easily accessible from any device and open to users everywhere.

Expanding Content

Over the summer, we worked hard to expand our content library, more than doubling the number of subjects we are able to serve to students.

Now, in addition to our initial offerings in biology, psychology, and economics, we are excited to present content in four new subject areas: sociology, American history, writing, and physiology.

Introducing Boundless Open Textbooks

We also believe in giving back to the open community and are excited to announce Boundless Open Textbooks: the best Open Educational Resources (OER) presented on a great online content platform for easy, shareable use. The best part? Boundless Open Textbooks are freely licensed and available for immediate use anywhere. Our Open Textbooks make it easy for students to use high-quality OER found across the Internet.

Improving the Boundless Experience

We’ve integrated what we learned from students to build a terrific learning experience and platform that resonates with them and will delight them even further.

The new Boundless platform incorporates major upgrades and improvements. Some of our most exciting product updates include:

  1. Improved Navigation: The new Boundless offers real time search, easy navigation around each title and a feed of recent activity to make studying faster and easier for students.
  2. Simple Highlights and Notes: We make sure highlights and notes are done right, available on any device and aggregated in a customizable notebook that students can use to study and prepare for exams.
  3. Fully HTML5 and iPad Ready: Boundless works great on any device. It has the look and feel of an app but opens in web browsers so users can study in any way that’s convenient.

Innovating for Students

To achieve our vision, we’ve assembled a great team of world-class engineers, experienced educators, domain experts, savvy advisors and terrific investors, all dedicated to our long term vision.

Despite a lawsuit by three major textbook publishers, intended to stifle innovation from startups like ours, we are not intimidated. We continue to expand content, improve our product, and focus on students. Meanwhile, we’ve gone on the offensive and filed a motion to dismiss two of the initial claims for false advertising and unfair competition. We are prepared to stand up and fight for what’s right for students.

Welcoming a New Era of Textbooks

At Boundless, we are ecstatic to see more students than ever using our platform this semester. Students shouldn’t be forced to pay excessive amounts to learn from what’s already freely available.

Together we can usher in a new era of textbooks, one of open content, better products and a clear focus on students.

Sign up today to see for yourself.