Educator Spotlight: Josh Stumpenhorst

educator spotlight: josh stumpenhorst

When thinking about superhero teachers, it’s easy to put Josh Stumpenhorst at the top of the list. Not only does Josh teach 6th grade Language Arts and Social Science, he’s also a computer club advisor, basketball coach, and a self-proclaiming “aspiring Jedi.” And as if that’s not enough: Josh was also named a 2012 Illinois teacher of the year.

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Read his blog, Stump the Teacher, or catch up on some highlights from recent posts below:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Despite the bad teachers, disinterested media and incompetent policy makers, there is good abounding in education and it is everywhere. I could write for days about the stories I have heard from educators across the country and beyond.

Parent Blogger Obligation

[I have] starting wondering about where that line is between being a blogger/tweeter and a parent. Yes, I open the doors to my classroom and share it with the world as often as I can. However, what is my responsibility to open the doors of my children’s classrooms? Do I have a right to share what is happening to them at the expense it may celebrate or condemn things a teacher is doing they might not want to be shared?

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