Educator Spotlight: Vicki Davis

In August, educators across the country welcomed each other warmly during Connected Educator Month. In the spirit of keeping things connected, we’re excited to launch a new series: Educator Spotlight.

We’ll provide you with a look at the very best voices in education and edtech, so you can continue to build your personal learning network. First up: Vicki Davis!

Not only is Vicki a full-time teacher, she’s also one of the biggest voices in education. Her blog, Cool Cat Teacher, is a great collection of lesson plan ideas, cool ed tools, teaching philosophy, and more. She’s created five wiki-centric projects that have linked more than 10,000 students in schools around the globe. Vicki has also been named a pioneer in Open Source Virtual World Technology. This is one cool cat making a difference in education!

Follow Vicki on Twitter: @coolcatteacher
Read her blog:

Catch up on some of Vicki’s recent tweets!

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