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What Are Your Essential In-Class Teaching Tools?
via ProfHacker 

No educator should be without a tool belt for the classroom. In all the education technology hustle and bustle, some educators assume their teaching tools must all be digital. However, many expertly blend new with traditional gear in class. George William on ProfHacker says his teaching tools include:

  1. A small notebook to jot down reminders
  2. A few inexpensive flash drives for personal or student use
  3. Dry-erase markers
  4. A display adapter for his laptop so he can connect to the classroom projector

What are some of your classroom must-haves?

Boundless Photo Contest: A Better Way to Use Textbooks
via Boundless 

Semester after semester, students collect stacks of textbooks they likely won’t look at again. Instead of letting those books collect dust, we’re challenging students to show us a creative way to use those textbooks. We built a doghouse out of old textbooks—what will you do? We’re accepting photo submissions now through October 29, so check it out!

Disappearing Liberal Arts College
via Inside Higher Ed 

Of 212 institutions that met guidelines and characteristics of being liberal arts colleges in 1990, only 130 meet the same criteria today. That’s a decline of nearly 40%! Why the dramatic difference? Cirricular change. Inside Higher Ed writes,

Thirty-six institutions changed their missions “dramatically,” broadening their offerings beyond traditional liberal arts fields. And a number of others added some professional programs while not changing their missions as drastically.

Teachers Use Technology to Evolve Beyond the Traditional Lecture Model 
via EdTech Digest 

A new survey from CDW-G, which provides technology products and services for US schools and governments, shows students have growing interest in a “learn now, lecture later” model. The study found that students want their teachers to go far beyond traditional lectures; they’re itching for a blend of different learning models. Hands-on projects, independent research and study, and group projects are all methods teachers are trying in the classroom to break out of the traditional teaching mold. Which tactics are you using?

The Impact of a Great Teacher (Infographic)
via Teacher Certification Degrees 

We stumbled across this infographic that quotes prominent entrepreneurs, authors, and actors praising their teachers. Oprah Winfrey says of her teacher,

You did exactly what teachers are supposed to do, they create a spark for learning that lives with you from then on.

The infographic also shows that students assigned to a high value-added teacher for one year between 4th and 8th grade are more likely to attend college.

Photo by Flickr user Jeff Fillmore

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