Educator Spotlight: Clif Mims

This week’s spotlight features an educator whose research lives close to our hearts. Clif Mims is a teacher, researcher, and educational consultant focused on the effective integration of technology with learning. Clif has more than 15 years of teaching experience and is an avid education blogger. His blog has been nominated for the EduBlog awards three consecutive years and has resources on everything edtech, ranging from his own published works to a curation of news sources he calls Clif’s Notes on EdTech.

educator spotlight: clif mims

Clif isn’t some newbie looking to make a splash in the edtech scene; he’s been digging into this sector for a while. One of his old podcasts talks about how technology integration will change classrooms for both students and teachers. Listen to “How Would Your Classroom Be Different?” by clicking below.

educator spotlight: clif mims

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