Educator Spotlight: Jennifer Roberts

It’s hard to ignore an educator whose motto reads, “I live at the intersection of literacy and technology.” Meet Jennifer Roberts, a veteran high school English teacher who has successfully run a 1:1 laptop program for her students for five years. We’re not the only ones who see Jennifer an adopter of new learning trends; she’s also the Digital Lead Teacher at Loma High School in California.

educator spotlight: jennifer roberts

Jennifer juggles multiple blogs for different audiences. Her 9th grade English class keeps up with assignments and news on her blog devoted to the course, Fresh English, while other educators can follow along on I Teach English to Great Kids to learn more about her teaching experience.

Catch up on Jennifer’s recent blog posts from I Teach English to Great Kids below.

Gradual Release of Responsibility: A Play in Four Acts

At first glance reading The Crucible with 11th graders in southern California would seem like a thankless task that only someone foolish enough to become an English teacher would even think to attempt…My job is to make sure they get better at reading and parsing complicated texts for themselves.

Is Your Document Camera Holding Them Back?

Almost every classroom in my district has a document camera. They are standard issue as part of a digital initiative that is putting 1:1 devices in most classrooms as well. But, I’m finding that when students have their own computers they can spend their class time much more productively than watching me teach from the document camera.

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