Educator Spotlight: Jack West

What’s the best way to convince teachers to use 2.0 tools in the classroom? High school teacher Jack West says, “Other teachers.”

Jack is an active voice on Quora, where he answers questions like these and others about edtech and education. He joined the edtech conversation after completing preliminary work with Stanford on the effectiveness of clickers and peer instruction in science classrooms. Now, he shares his experience as a veteran high school physics teacher on his blog, with helpful hints on blended learning and big data for schools.

Educator Spotlight: Jack West

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What do small edtech developers need to stay in the game?

If all of the intellectual development happening right now ends up buried inside of monolithic Learning Management Systems, much of the customization of learning environments will be lost.

What is the future of crowdsourced teaching/learning and crowd-based knowledge?

The world of crowd sourced teaching and learning is in its infancy, but I anticipate it will not be long before we will be able to envelop ourselves in an immersive environment that caters to our interests and abilities.

What will classrooms look like in the future?

Adaptive, blended learning is likely to take root for children developing basic computational and language skills.  Some part of the day will be spent by a young learner in a technologically assisted environment that suits their level of challenge.

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