Your Secret Weapon Against Finals: Boundless Study Guides

boundless study guides

Editor’s note (Aug. 2013): This feature is now retired from Boundless. Learn more about Boundless Learning Technology, personalized study tools for students. 

Making a study guide is a great way to prep for exams, essays, and other assignments, but not when the process of creating one causes such a headache. Preparing a typical study guide is cumbersome and time-consuming. It involves a bulky study set-up of textbooks, notebooks, countless highlighters and Post-Its, and a laptop, plus countless hours of condensing all your class material into one guide.

Imagine if all you needed to create the perfect study guide was access to the web (and okay, maybe a large cup of coffee). With Boundless Study Guides that’s all studying requires.

Study Guides let you condense all your notes and highlights from Boundless, view and edit on any device, and share the finished product with your friends, classmates, or study groups. Just login and start selecting, compiling, and annotating all the best content from Boundless textbooks, to create a compact, elegant, and shareable Study Guide. You can view and edit your guide on any device and share the finished product as a PDF with your friends or classmates. Boundless Study Guides are the best way to get the grade you want!

We’re working hard at Boundless to create a learning platform that goes far beyond what a traditional textbook offers. Study Guides arm our users with the best study tools so they’re better prepared for exams and assignments.

Start making your ultimate Study Guide or read on to see how it works.

Create a Study Guide

Go to Study Guide in the left menu of options to create and name your new Study Guide.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop notes and highlights from your Boundless textbook or notebook, including facts, figures, key terms, or examples. Also add new ideas or test-specific information.

Study in Full Screen

Once your Study Guide is ready, view it in full screen mode from any device. If you find a key term or two out of place, you can rearrange at any time.

Export and Share with Friends

Share your Study Guide with friends or study groups by exporting it as a PDF from Boundless. Print it out, email it around, and get ready to ace the class.

Watch the video below to see Study Guide in action.

Create your Study Guide now!