Boundless Open Textbook Revolution Takes Off

Boundless is off to a great start to the new semester, and we are excited to announce that students at over half of US colleges have embraced our free textbooks. That means more students are saving money and studying more efficiently this semester than ever before.

Our growth is driven by satisfaction. A huge percentage of last semester’s users are looking forward to using Boundless again for more classes and books. We’re sitting at the cutting edge of educational technology trends, as digital textbooks and study tools are rapidly being adopted. And, of course, the fact that Boundless seeks to put students first in the education equation, continues to help fuel the Boundless Revolution.

Below is the press release that we’ve just issued highlighting our growth.boundless textbook

Students at Over Half of US Colleges Embrace Boundless Open Textbooks

Broader Content Library and More Robust Feature Set Will Drive Record Growth This Year


Boston, MA – January 9, 2013 –  Boundless – the free alternative to traditional textbooks – announces major additions to its free textbooks library and improved study tools for the new collegiate semester. Using free, openly-licensed content Boundless creates digital books that align to students’ assigned readings – making education more affordable, accessible and effective.

“I’m proud to announce that students at over half the colleges in the US have used Boundless,” said Ariel Diaz, co-founder and CEO of Boundless. “This year, we expect that number to continue to grow, as we’ve more than doubled the number of subjects that we offer and built a suite of features that go way beyond traditional textbooks. Most importantly, 88% of students who used our textbooks last semester are likely to go Boundless again and 95% of our users achieved the grade they expected – or did better!”

Textbooks remain the core content for most courses in higher education, with over 80% of the market controlled by the top four publishers. These publishers have continued to raise prices for this stagnant product in the face of innovation in every other information related industry, growing at a rate of 3 times inflation.

The Boundless free textbooks not only save students money, but go far beyond what traditional textbooks offer. Boundless creates a beautiful e-reading experience that makes it easy to highlight and make notes directly on its digital content. As students make annotations on their readings, they are aggregated into an interactive notebook. Key features of the Boundless textbook that go beyond traditional textbooks include:

  1. Shareable Study Guides for individual and group study sessions
  2. Notebooks that are autogenerated as students highlight important text and figures
  3. Boundless SmartNotes that summarize important topics, perfect for exam prep or studying in a flash
  4. Self-assessment tools, like pre-made flashcards and quizzes, for students to test their knowledge before exams and classes
  5. New, unaligned textbooks, combining the best the web has to offer in subjects such as biology, history and marketing
  6. Mobile, HTML 5, website optimized for studying on any device so students can study anywhere.

Students at more than 2,000 colleges in the U.S. are turning to Boundless for free, effective tools for learning. See why students areditching their textbooks and saving hundreds of dollars by visiting

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