Campus Marketing All-Star: Andrew Forst at FSU

At Boundless, we welcome the power and creativity of student voices, which is why we carefully select and hire dozens of students nationally to promote our brand at their respective campuses. Andrew Forst, a student at Florida State University, is one of the top Boundless Campus Marketing Managers this week! Here he describes what it’s like to balance an internship on top of his coursework and the fun things he plans to do with the money he saved by using free textbooks from Boundless.

Andrew Forst Boundless

How did you decide on your major?

For most of my life I figured I was going to be a lawyer or politician, because my dad was an attorney and had friends who were publicly elected to positions. So my first thought was to major in political science; however, after careful consideration I realized I had a passion for business so I decided to take up marketing as a major since I feel it would prepare me for any career after college. Also, if I decide to run for public office knowing how to sell myself will come in handy.

How do you decide what internship or club is right for you? 

I’m a ‘Yes Man’ for the most part because it’s my philosophy that the more you try the more likely you are to find something you truly love. Since I don’t have time to do everything I want to do, I try and and limit my involvement in internships and clubs to what’s pertinent to what I’m working on now and for the future. Taking on my internship with Boundless was a no brainer seeing as I’m studying marketing and my involvement with Student Government organizations all correlate together.

What past experiences helped you become a killer Campus Marketing Manger? 

I would say my involvement in Student Government certainly has helped my personality in terms of becoming more outgoing and personable. Learning how to balance everything is still a work in progress, but since I started my involvement back in middle school I certainly feel I’ve gotten a lot better at time management and overall organization. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some amazing Boundless Campus Reps that have gone beyond what was asked of them to help make marketing Boundless so successful.

What’s been your biggest learning experience as a Campus Marketing Manager so far? 

What I’ve learned the most is how to identify my target market—college students—and structure my marketing efforts on getting them to check out the Boundless website. For the average student offering something in addition to the information flyers we’re passing out has enticed them to take the flyer and read it. Emphasizing how quick and simple it is to register is important as well since most everyone has somewhere they have to be at all times.

What advice would you give students looking to balance an internship or leadership role on top of other commitments? 

If you’re a student interested in taking on a leadership role/internship or multiple of those I’d tell you to go out and buy an agenda or calendar, or use an online option like Google Calendar. Immediately start filling it out with everything from meetings to classes to things like going to the gym. Time management, I’ve learned, is the absolute key to staying on top of everything and not letting stress overwhelm you.

This semester I’ve even started to prepare my meals for the week on Sunday. You don’t have to go that far, but the point is being prepared goes a long way. I know I’ll be too tired to make meals after a long day during the week so its easier to microwave what I cooked in the beginning of the week.

What’s your favorite study hack? 

I take notes on everything the professor says to later read over and summarize. When I have an exam I can just read through the summaries, which saves me time and helps get to the point.

What will you do with the money you saved by going Boundless? 

I’m going to Disney World! Just kidding, I’ll probably save it for when I want to buy a concert ticket or take a nice girl on a nice date!

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