Campus Marketing All-Star: Tina Fleming at UCF

At Boundless, we welcome the power and creativity of student voices, which is why we carefully select and hire dozens of students nationally to promote our brand at their respective campuses. Tina Fleming, our Campus Marketing Manager at the University of Central Florida, is one of our leading Marketing Managers this week! We talked with her about what it’s like to balance an internship on top of her coursework and her secrets for staying organized. Read her interview below.


How did you decide on your major? 

I feel like I’ve been just about every major offered at UCF. I was accepted into the university as a Spanish Education major, then switched to Digital Media on arrival. That major was taken out of the catalog shortly afterward and I had to switch to Art. Then I was literally scared out of the art program by some crazy learning requirements and I thought I might test out the politician in me and moved over to International and Global Studies. That didn’t work out either so I guess Advertising is a good mix of all those things. Fifth time’s the charm?

How do you decide what internship or club is right for you?

As far as academic clubs, I like to stay with whatever matches my major. I’ve been a part of our Graphic Design Student Association, United Nations Association, and now I’m joining Ad Club. But, my all-time favorite club at UCF is Contemporary A Cappella! I sing with an all-girl group called Key Harmony.

What past experiences helped you become a killer Campus Marketing Manager? 

For the past three years, I have been very close with a local band that has recently relocated to Nashville. I helped manage them and I encountered a lot of interesting people and situations that really helped prepare me for just about anything!

What’s been your biggest learning experience as a Campus Marketing Manager so far? 

Dealing with rejection has been the newest accessory to my toolbox. Sometimes, people are not going to listen to what you’re trying to sell them. But when that happens, you regroup and find a new way to send the same message. You can’t let it get to your head.

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What advice would you give students looking to balance an internship or leadership role on top of other commitments? 

Stand your ground. Having a leadership position in a group of your peers can complicate relationships. It’s easy to wiggle the line between friend and employee, but a good friend will understand that you’re just doing your job.

What’s your secret to juggling school & outside commitments? 

I try to have all my classes be on the same day, so I can dedicate about 2-3 days a week to school and the rest of my time I can focus on everything else. And there is a LOT of everything else.

What’s your favorite study hack? 

I wouldn’t really call it a hack, but my trick is just printing study guides out and making folders. I’m kind of old school in that way. Hopefully working with Boundless will bring me into present day!

What will you do with the money you saved by going Boundless? 

I’m going to Disney World!

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