The 4 Personality Types Every Startup Needs

To make your startup succeed, you need an unbeatable team. Today, our CEO Ariel Diaz published a guest post on On Startups about how to build a killer startup team. To find the best teammates possible, Ariel recommends hiring candidates that show characteristics of these four distinct personalities:

The Beast
These are people who have a “get shit done” mentality. A 
Beast’s raw animal output ensures they get more done in a day than even the most caffeinated worker bee.

Lara Croft
You’ll know Lara types as those that are adventurers with an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re self-starters and self-motivated enough to make a huge impact on your team. 

The Architect
These are the teammates that understand the big picture but can still focus on the details of your vision. Architects likely have a productivity hack for every aspect of their life.

The Most Interesting Man in the World
At a fast growing startup, you’ll spend more hours that you can count with your team. Hire people who add depth to your company culture to make the journey more enjoyable.

Read more about these personalities in Ariel’s guest post on On Startups.

And meet some of the team building Boundless’s free textbook revolution as they show off their alma maters!The 4 Personality Types Every Startup Needs