Why I Just Joined Boundless – by Healy Jones

The news has slowly trickled out – Boundless has a new VP of Marketing, and I’m happy to say it’s me, Healy Jones!

I’m excited to help advance the Boundless mission – making textbooks and education more affordable and better.

Before I joined the company I spoke with college students, who universally expressed frustration at the cost of textbooks, the poor quality of the traditional publishers’ ebook offerings and endless cycle of “new” editions created by publishers for the sake of making used books worthless.

The traditional textbook publishing industry is standing on a precipice, just as the encyclopedia industry did a few years ago. It’s clear that textbooks must evolve into something that better suits students’ learning habits and pocketbooks. At Boundless, I get a chance to be part of the solution. Since I’ve officially joined we’ve released free textbooks in 18 subjects, gotten coverage in TechCrunch and USA Today, and had great blog posts by Creative Commons and Semantic Web. Most importantly, our semester is off to a great start with thousands upon thousands of college students electing to try Boundless free versions of popular books like Campbell’s Biology, Meyer’s Psychology and Principles of Microeconomics. If this is what changing the world feels like, I’m loving it.

healy jones boundless

By way of background, I was previously the head of marketing for OfficeDrop, a company I helped grow to over 200,000 users in a few years. I’ve had a lot of success with marketing mobile apps, and have launched 3 apps in the top of their respective app marketplaces. (Note that I think mobile will be big in the textbooks marketplace soon too.) Prior to OfficeDrop I was a venture capitalist with Atlas Venture in Boston and Summit Partners in Palo Alto. Ariel, Matt and I know each other from our common Dartmouth roots, and I’ve also got an MBA from Wharton. Personally I’ve got a great little baby girl and fun wife who shares my love of wine. I blog on startups, marketing and mobile at Startable.com and am on Twitter as healyhoops.

I’m excited to be part of the Boundless revolution and look forward to helping students save some money!!