Boundless in the News: Startups Changing Textbooks & Lawsuit Update

This month, Boundless has had a slew of news to share about legal updates and open textbooks. We’re thrilled that publications like Fortune, Venture Beat, and the Boston Business Journal have taken note of the exciting developments happening in the educational content industry.


In Fortune, Scott Olster gave a great overview of the many companies disrupting education today including Boundless. In his piece, he wrote,

Why would a school pay $80 for a textbook that may quickly become irrelevant, when it could pay around $5 or less? A cadre of so-called open-education publishers is slowly beginning to gain the trust of schools and university systems by posing that question. Using free, open-source education materials, firms like CK-12 and Boundless are building digital textbooks and learning materials…that students and teachers can use and edit as they wish.

Other publications picked up our legal updates as Boundless continues to vigorously defend its mission of improving educational content and lowering the cost of college education.

Boundless in the News: Open Textbooks & Company Culture Make a Splash

Jordan Crook at TechCrunch wrote about the broken education system,

Our education system is broken, from lower-level public schools all the way up to higher learning. EdTech startups are coming at the numerous problems from every angle. Boundless, a startup out of Boston, is aiming to offer an open alternative to the college textbook.


At Boston Business Journal, reporter Kyle Alspach wrote a clear overview of the Boundless lawsuit thus far. He said,

Boston startup Boundless, which is battling a lawsuit from three major textbook publishers over its free online college course materials, on Thursday asked a district court to rule that the case should deal with Boundless’ current product — rather than its original beta product which is the focus of the suit.


At Venture Beat, Rebecca Grant explained Open Educational Resources and Boundless in her recap. She wrote,

Drawing from Open Educational Resources and a team of experts, Boundless offers an alternative to bulky and expensive textbooks that weigh most college students down on a daily basis. Thousands of students are responding well to the product, and Boundless raised $8 million last year to accelerate product development (aka the process of making physical textbooks obsolete).

We’re also grateful to have been recently featured in BostInno, Information Week, and the Chronicle of Higher Ed.

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