Boundless in the News: The History of Education Infographic

Last week, we posted a brief history lesson illustrating the past, present and future of education. We’re happy to share the background story of our beloved industry and it seems like others are digging it too!

Getting Smart picked up our infographic and posted it on their blog! They wrote,

The graphic takes a look at how formal education began, changes along the way, current day and predictions for the next twenty years.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 1.56.51 PM

Our infographic caught the eye of Ross Crockett at the 21st Century Fluency Project. Crockett wrote,

Boundless is a wonderful place for news on education and technology and I urge you to give it a visit. This infographic called The History of Education can be found there. What methods did we first begin using for educating people, and how have they evolved?

Avatar Generation shared our infographic as well! They wrote,

In order to understand where we’re heading in education, it’s important to see how far we’ve come and how old-fashioned some of our learning tools and habits are.

We’re also grateful and excited to be mentioned on EdTech Digest, Kiwi Commons and Peacemaker!

Now that you’re brushed up on the history of education, get learning with Boundless! If you would like to embed this infographic on your site, snag the code here.