Boundless Open Textbooks Used by More Than Half a Million in Under Two Months

Today Boundless is excited to share news about our open textbooks, just in time for Open Education Week! More than half a million users have interacted with our open textbooks in under two months. These users have spent the equivalent of 5+ years engaging with our content!

Boundless Open Textbooks are free for students, educators, and self-learners to explore without an account. We think users are spending so much time interact with our Open Textbooks because we’ve put a huge emphasis on making these high quality learning tools, not just collections of facts. Our editorial process ensures that information is presented in ways that help students learn. While no registration is required for these materials, registering for Boundless gives visitors access to our suite of free study tools, like flashcards, quizzes, and study guides. Please see the press release below for more details.

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Boundless Open Textbooks Used by More Than Half a Million in Under Two Months

Users Spent Equivalent of 5+ Years Interacting with Boundless Open Content


Boston, MA – March 14, 2013Boundless, continuing to make education more affordable and accessible for learners, announced today that more than 500,000 students, self learners and educators have used its open textbooks since Creative Commons announced that the books were available under an open license. Boundless curates educational materials for nearly 20 academic subjects, including physiology, US history, biology, and management, and users have collectively spent over five years engaging with this recently released content.

“More than 1,000 students and visitors cite, source and copy from Boundless Open Textbooks daily,” said Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Boundless. “The rapid growth of our open textbooks speaks speaks to the high quality of our editorial efforts and the growing acceptance of open educational resources (OER).”

Anyone from students studying for exams, professors preparing lesson plans or self-learners exploring new topics can use Boundless Open Textbooks. First, visitors select readings from one of 18 free textbooks. From there, they can:


High Quality Educational Content, Curated by Experts

Boundless works with subject matter experts, like professors, PhDs and Master’s students, to curate openly licensed and free educational materials created by leading educators and institutions. These materials make up the core of the OER community, an international group that provides high quality educational content to the general public.

To get started with Boundless free textbooks, visit No registration is necessary for reading. To take advantage of free study tools built into the open textbooks, like highlights, flashcards and study guides, create a free account on Boundless.

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