Leadership Changes

Boundless has grown tremendously in the past year – students at over half of US colleges have tried our textbooks, our open textbooks now have been used by more than half a million people and we have gone on the offensive on the publishers’ attempt to stifle innovation with their lawsuit. We are very excited about this growth and the strength of the team we’ve built over the past few years.

Aaron White, Boundless co-founder and CTO, will be stepping down from his day-to-day activities but staying on as a member of the board. In addition to staying on the board, Aaron will continue to be an important voice in the Boundless vision. This change will not have an impact on our day to day operations, as our VP of Engineering, Matt Hodgson, has been leading the technical team for the past year. Aaron has detailed his reasons for this personal decision on his blog; I’ve pasted in his blog post below. I understand Aaron’s decision to get back to an early-stage role, but will personally miss having him on our team. I look forward to seeing what adventure he attacks next.

Aaron is one of the best early stage startup technologists out there, and we are very pleased that he is staying on as a member of the company’s board. We, Aaron included, are committed to changing higher education for the better, and look forward to helping even more students and professors in the years to come.


Aaron’s post, from his blog:


It’s hard to imagine a time more intense or enjoyable than the last few years I’ve spent building Boundless with Ariel & team. We took a bold idea, partnered with bold investors, had the good fortune to assemble one of the smartest teams in Boston, and willed into existence an important and transformative education company – one that will continue to shape the landscape for a very long-time. And we’re on a tear, Boundless is now used by students at over half of US colleges. Our open textbooks were recently released under Creative Commons open licenses, and since then have helped over half a million people!

There is a great irony in Boundless accomplishing so much so quickly. We have put in place an incredible team that is executing down our ambitious multi-year roadmap, and for the experimental & techie startup-er that is my core, this presents a challenge: what do you do when you’ve carefully & consistently hired amazing people who can really lead and scale each facet of the organization?

In this particular circumstance, and after careful consideration, I’ve decided to step down as CTO and my day-to-day work. I leave engineering running as it has already been for the last year: in the incredibly capable hands of our VP Engineering, Matt Hodgson. While I’ll certainly miss being a part of the daily energy in the office, I will continue to assist and advise the company strategically as both a member of the board, and as a passionate advocate for our team & our mission to dramatically improve the state of higher education in the US – there’s much to be done!

As for what else may come next for me, I’m still burdened by an intense passion for making the world better through software, and since the world isn’t perfect just yet, I suspect there are plenty of areas left to explore.