12 College Experiences Your Resume Needs [Infographic]

To stand out in today’s job market, your resume must include amazing, memorable college experiences. Though 66% of hiring managers say college graduates are not prepared for the job market, don’t let that get you down!

Lucky for you, students can discover easy and fun ways to gain professional experience while still in school. Whether you decide to volunteer, plan club events, or represent fun brands, you’ll have no problem jumping into resume-worthy projects. For example, dozens of students are spreading the word about digital textbooks at their campuses as part of Boundless’s group of stellar campus marketers to gain managerial and marketing skills (two things hiring managers love!).

Check out 12 college experiences your resume needs in the infographic below.

Boundless 12 college experiences your resume needs

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  • Ovi H

    Great article, thank you! How is it possible to get opportunities for #11, specifically, to find small businesses that are willing to bring in outside help?

    My thanks in advance.

  • As a former Graduate Program recruiter you are spot on with this list. Well done.