Boundless in the News: Digital Textbooks Make a Splash at BU, FSU, and Northeastern

This week, Boundless announced the growing popularity of our digital textbooks at colleges across the US. Our huge growth this semester was nationwide, but at schools in Massachusetts, Florida, and Illinois we saw some great stats. For example, Boundless textbooks were used by 61% of students in intro-level psychology classes at Northeastern!


Some local reporters picked up on this exciting news. Lauren Landry at BostInno wrote,

At Boston University, Boundless has seen a 290 percent increase in student usage since launching on the campus in the fall of 2012. More than 20 percent of the school’s introductory financial accounting classes feature Boundless materials, according to data the team pulled based on users self-reporting which classes they are in.


Kyle Alspach at Boston Business Journal also included a note about our textbooks. He said,

Boston online textbook startup Boundless said Monday that Boston University and Northeastern University are both seeing a high degree of usage of its online materials for courses including accounting and psychology.

In related news, our CEO Ariel Diaz published a guest post today in MOOC News and Reviews in which he outlined free ebook sources for MOOC students. He writes,

Find more free ebook resources in Ariel’s guest post here.