Great Writing Tools for Students

We’re thrilled about the traction thatĀ Boundless Open Textbooks are getting. For those of you who don’t know about these free and open textbooks, the concept is pretty simple – they are textbooks that you can access without any registration or username required!

Open Writing TextbookAs the team in charge of writing for the blog, the marketing folks here at Boundless are seriously into a couple of these textbooks. Obviously we like our Marketing Textbook, but besides that we think our Writing Textbook is useful tool for any student (or internet startup blogger!). The first chapter, “The Practice of Writing” gets into standard writing topics like critical reading, thinking, etc, plusĀ Rhetoric and Argumentation.

Of course, there are chapters on style, structure and grammar, where you can learn about the nitty gritty of using adverbs and adjectives and choosing verb tenses. The other section that has been really popular with students and site visitors is the chapter on Writing in the Natural Sciences. We hadn’t actually thought that this chapter would be so popular, but it turns out that we have a number of visitors who are students in the sciences and who are looking for help in structuring science writing!

So if you haven’t checked out our Open Textbooks, please do. Remember that they are not only free resources, but are also published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license, which means anyone is welcome to quote, mashup, reuse, and republish any portion of any book, anywhere, so long as proper citation is given.