5 Study Tips Every College Freshman Needs

Where better to get college study tips for freshman year than a student who recently wrapped up her freshman year? Rachel M. just finished up her freshman year at Benedictine University where she’s majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Rachel is involved with tons of clubs at her school like UNICEF, Rotaract, and Care to Cure. With her busy class and club schedule, she had to get creative with her study habits. See what she recommends in her guest post below!

rachel boundless

1. Learn what’s the best environment you are able to focus in.
Some people listen to music and others like pure silence when they study. Some like bright lighting and others prefer dimmed lighting.The sooner you know what you prefer, the more efficient you are able to study!

2. Take notes in class and outside of class.
I found that writing the material down helped me memorize it. Especially being able to look back at the notes, you can see what your professor specifically pointed out during class, which is usually very important information for the exam.

3. Form study groups with classmates.
If you can gather people that will focus on studying, this will benefit your studying because you can ask each other questions on problems or concepts that you didn’t understand. Another’s input can make more sense to you than how the professor initially explained it!

4. Ask questions in class.
Usually the professor instructing the class asks while lecturing “Does anyone have any questions?” If you do then do not be afraid to ask! The professor knows the most about your course and you can benefit his/her knowledge. And don’t forget to write down his/her response! Also, using the teacher’s email or office hours are great ways to ask questions that you did not get a chance to in class.

5. Start early.
Don’t expect to cram the night before and do extremely well on your exam. When you find out you have an exam, it is very helpful to start studying at least a small amount each day. You will be prepared for the exam and able to get a good night’s rest the night before.

Tell us what study tips you use for a chance to be featured on our blog! And next time you’re prepping for an exam, check out Boundless digital textbooks and study tools!