6 Ways to Manage Great Summer School Grades

When you’re staring out the window at people tanning on the quad, puppies frolicking down the sidewalk, and other happy visions of summer, it seems impossible to focus on class. You may be having difficulty motivating yourself to finish assignments and worrying that your summer school grades won’t be as amazing as they should be. Here’s how to enjoy the sunshine and still do great in class!

1. Stop staring out the window! There’s no rule saying that just because you have studying to do, you can’t soak up the sun (and if you think there is, your rulebook is wrong.). Charge up your laptop or get a notebook and pen and head outside. A change of scenery will allow you to enjoy the nice weather even though you have to do homework.

2. Don’t procrastinate. Okay, this is obvious and doesn’t only apply to summer classes, but still – with the increased workload that summer classes entail, it’s super important to stay on top of things. Consider your class a job. Work eight hours a day (including time spent in class) and then you’re done for the day. If you apply yourself completely during your “work hours,” you’ll have free time every day. Plus, you can throw yourself an “office party” after your final.

3. Focus while you’re in class. Take notes, ask questions, and follow along. You don’t want to waste time later teaching yourself something that the professor already fully explained – while you spaced out and idly doodled a butterfly family. The more you focus in class, the less you’ll have to do outside of it!

teaphoto credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

4. Drink iced tea! Preferably while studying outside (see step 1). Summery drinks can trick your mind into thinking that those problem sets are (almost) fun. And did you know that green tea boosts your working memory? Sounds like the perfect study companion! (Well, not more perfect than a hedgehog. But if you can’t find a hedgehog, iced green tea is a solid number two.)

5. Give yourself a break! It is summer, after all. Take a day trip, visit the zoo, go shopping, or whatever your heart desires. That will get your wiggles out and make you ready to study hard again.

6. Take advantage of the textbooks and study tools at Boundless! Boundless helps you become a more efficient student, saving you time that you can use to frolic in the sun yourself.

Using these tips, you’ll find it is possible to get good grades in your summer class. Good luck, and have fun this summer!