MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito Tells Publishers to Back Off, Open Up

Lauren Landry’s latest Bostinno article about the Pearson and MIT Media Lab partnership highlights some great points from an interview with Media Lab Director Joi Ito. Ito not only brings up the Pearson/publisher lawsuit against Boundless, but gives the Pearson CIO a “piece of advice” and recommends that Pearson “call some of those attack dogs back.”

Here are some quotes from the Ito interview:

For you Pearson… on the one hand you are supporting open educational resources, you are using open source software… but on the other hand Pearson or some representative of Pearson … are going around and doing copyright infringement suits/takedowns… And one specific one, just as an example, so Boundless is one of the open textbook companies…

So one thing you can do is call some of those attack dogs back and… it’s a very bad PR move, with limited results. There are number of open initiatives that are doing really really good work, and there are a couple of people in the industry that are kind of aggressive and a little bit extreme and they tend to look like representatives of the industry… that’s one piece of advice.

Landry notes, “If Pearson wants to stay in the game, they will need to learn to listen to Ito and the voices behind those, say, working for Boundless. Considering Boundless is now being used by students at more than half of the country’s colleges, the ‘little startup’ is clearly onto something.”

See more of the interview here: