Moving to College: Expectation vs Reality

Moving to college is a big deal. If you’re moving in for the first time, this process may be a bit overwhelming, but you’ve got exciting times coming your way! Relieve yourself of the pre-college jitters by keeping an open mind for what’s to come—rolling with the punches is the key to a successful move-in.

Here’s a taste of what you may encounter while moving to college:



You’ll prepare to uproot yourself from home by neatly organizing all of your belongings.



A dorm room has much less storage space than your room at home, so packing up all of your belongings is a no-go. While it might be a hott mess, sift through your room and prioritize by how useful each item is.

Driving to school:


Road trippin’ to college!


Modern FamilyYou’re car is filled with all of your belongings and you may or may not have ever driven to your campus yet. While stress levels may be high, it’s important to  power through and be patient so you can stay safe and avoid getting lost. 

Seeing your dorm for the first time:


It’s here! The moment you’ve been waiting for to be an independent human being in your very own beautiful, luxurious, 4-star dorm room.



Your dorm room is small. Don’t be surprised if your mattress is made of plastic and your windows only open 3 inches, or not at all. On the bright side, you can always decorate!

Shopping for college essentials:



Shopping spree! Time to load up your cart with dorm room and class essentials.



Cut down that shopping list, supplies are expensive to the max. At least you can save money by using Boundless affordable textbooks and study tools!

Saying goodbye to your parents:


Adios, adieu, ciao parents. See you at Thanksgiving!


After spending most of your young life in the nest, it can get pretty sad to officially fly away! Stay in touch with your parents and visit when you can; having a strong support system will help your transition into college.

First night in the dorm:


College is a non-stop party, right?


Nope. It’s better to realize early on in the game that you’re going to need a consistent and healthy sleeping schedule. Plus, after moving to college, you are going to be wiped.

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  • Bless

    I love this it’s so true!!! Its such a let down when certain things in college don’t live up to your expectations so thanks for giving students a heads up 🙂

  • It is true! When you go to college you have some expectations and some of your expectations are not like you wanted to be. College is a very beautiful part of our lifes because we make new friends, we have good and bad times and we also come to maturity and become independent and more responsable. For me it was a wonderful period from my life. 🙂