4 Tips for the First Day of College

Boundless users have lots of great advice, tips, and tricks for making college a smoother ride. Incoming University of Texas at Austin sophomore Jasmin Escher is a busy student; she is a Public Relations/Advertising major who participates in Creative Arts and Theatre, Caring for Camo, and the UT Project. After closing up her first year of college, she shares with us what to expect from the first day of freshman year in her guest post below.

Your roommate will not always be your best friend.

And that’s perfectly okay. The first few days with a new roommate always tend to be awkward — not talking, avoiding eye contact and quickly plugging in headphones when they walk in on you singing Beyoncé songs to yourself. We’ve all been there. Don’t give it too much thought if your roommate doesn’t want to hang out with you 24/7. If they seem reluctant, invite them to campus events, to study, or to grab a bite to eat. Striking up a little conversation and having quality time outside the four small walls of your dorm is always helpful!


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You will get lost.

Embrace it! So will almost every other person on campus. Remember: you are not the only one that is new to your class schedule. Scope out your class locations before the first day, walk the routes a few times, and leave early enough on the first day of class to give yourself time to find a nice seat. If you get lost, ask someone for directions. Heck, even if you don’t get lost, ask someone for directions. It gives you a chance to interact with other students at the college, and there’s the potential of making new friends. Who knows, you may even be headed in the same direction. Then you have a new friend and a walking buddy. What else do you need in life?

Oooh we know! Affordable textbooks – who doesn’t need those in college? Carry on…

Mom’s not going to wake you up…

…or pull you out of bed, or make you breakfast. So make sure you set multiple alarms, get your butt out of bed, and eat a decent breakfast (I always opt for granola, and then eat an apple or banana on the go) to make sure you get where you need to be on time.

Late For Work

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Last but not least, you will take the time to smile.

Because you made it to the start of the best four years of your life.

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