5 Colleges and Their Lesser-Known Perks

Boundless users have tons of great advice for applying to college and finding a school that’s good for you. John Leibold, a public relations student at Boston University, pulled together a list of college perks  applicants should look for when searching for their dream schools. Read his guest post below!

When applying to college, applicants scour school rankings and zero-in on details like student-to-teacher ratios, average GPA, and more. But what about the smaller things that make student life on campus truly special? Take a look at these lesser-known fun aspects of 5 colleges and share your school’s traditions or perks in the comments below!

boston university broomball

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1. Boston University: Intramural Sports

BU has over 7,000 participants in its intramural sports program each year. They offer everything from basketball to broomball. What’s broomball you may ask? It’s the most popular intramural sport at BU and has a waiting list dozens of teams long! If you’ve never played before, picture hockey with no skates, brooms instead of sticks, and a mini dodgeball for a puck, and then realize that you’ll be falling a lot during games.

2. George Washington University: 4Ride Security Escort Service

The 4Ride Security Escort Service is a perk every school should have that helps keep students safe. All night, every night, students can schedule a pick-up via phone or laptop to hail a shuttle right to their location. The shuttle is an easy means of transit for those who feel unsafe and need a ride at night.

3. Northeastern University: Husky Hunt

While scavenger hunts may seem a little cliché, you know it’s about to go down when over 100 teams, of 12 student each, apply for only 50 spots on the annual Husky Hunt, a scavenger hunt around Boston. That’s more than 1,200 kids dreaming at night of getting selected to take part in this extravaganza. The hunt lasts for 24 hours, consists of ample riddles and challenges, and dishes out prizes as lucrative as round-trip flights.

You don’t need a 24-hour scavenger hunt to find textbooks from Boundless – they’re right here! Ok, carry on…

cornell sushi

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4. Cornell: Critically-Acclaimed Food

If you’re super smart and care about food…wait, who doesn’t care about food? Cornell was recently ranked in Princeton Review’s list of the top 10 colleges with the best food. With over 30 on campus dining locations, it’s evident that they take this designation seriously. They even have a mystery shopper program to keep themselves honest. Also: sushi bar. Enough said.

5. Long Island University: Free iPads

This one is a must for this list. Freshmen and transfer students receive shiny new iPads as part of a campus initiative to progress educational technology. The campus administration knew trends in tech were changing, so they made the switch to mobile (which is perfect for Boundless textbooks!).

What fun perks does your college offer?

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