Boundless Catapults Textbooks to a New, Personalized Level with Learning Technology

Though summer is winding down, Boundless is gearing up for the best school year yet. Today, we’re announcing improved study technology, new textbooks & improved content, and mobile apps designed to make studying easier and faster. Our announcement, included below, details how we built on data from millions of our student users to improve our textbook alternatives, launch Boundless Learning Technology, introduce mobile apps, and expand our free content distribution. Read more about our news in the press release below, and visit Boundless to get an affordable (& better) alternative to your assigned textbook!



Boundless Catapults Textbooks to a New, Personalized Level

Introduces Premium Learning Technology & iPhone App, Expands Free Distribution

BOSTON, MA (Marketwired, August 6, 2013) — College students are under extreme financial pressure and often can’t afford the textbooks assigned for their classes. Increasingly, students are turning to the web to study, both to bypass the high cost of traditional textbooks and quickly find the information they need. Each month, more than one million students study with Boundless’ open content and textbook alternatives for a faster and easier learning experience.

Building on data from millions of its student users, Boundless is launching premium textbook alternatives for $19.99 with three major improvements: Boundless Learning Technology, mobile apps, and expanded and improved content. Plus, Boundless is doubling down on its commitment to free educational content and is broadening its distribution of free textbooks.

“Students deserve better than the status quo of ineffective, overpriced textbooks,” said Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Boundless. “Today’s students expect more. They’ve grown up with amazing technology but are burdened with poorly-designed products or ancient technology when they get their education. Students want an online, personalized and enjoyable learning experience without an insane price tag.”

Boundless Learning Technology

Starting today, Boundless is introducing premium products that give students access to the new Boundless Learning Technology and custom-aligned textbooks for $19.99 per book, with no expiration. Boundless Learning Technology is part personal tutor, part online search and part textbook. The company has spent more than a year gathering data on how students learn online, and has developed adaptive learning technology that transforms the textbook into the ultimate study resource. Whether students want to quickly look up a concept or study throughout the semester, Boundless Learning Technology helps them grasp the important points easier and faster. Boundless Learning Technology prompts students with quizzes, flashcards, summarization and more at optimal points during their reading to help them retain information permanently.

Here are two key components of Boundless Learning Technology:

  • Active Recall: People remember 60-80 percent of content they actively engage with, versus only 10-30 percent they passively consume through activities like reading or listening to a lecture. By summarizing content frequently and challenging students with quizzes at key points within the text, Boundless uses active recall to boost a student’s memorization.

  • Spaced Repetition: Studies show that the best way to commit something to memory is to be reminded about it right before it is forgotten. Boundless designed personalized spaced repetition algorithms that measure when an individual student will forget material. When these algorithms sense that a student is about to forget content, Boundless serves up smart flashcards or quizzes to commit that content to memory for good.

These components are bundled with chapter-by-chapter textbook alignments and customized to a student’s individual experience to create Boundless’ premium products. Boundless can be used instead of or in addition to a student’s assigned books, and are a great way for students to save money and learn faster. Check out new Boundless premium products here.

Mobile Apps

Hundreds of thousands of students already use Boundless on their mobile devices. Boundless is continuing to improve the mobile experience by launching a refreshed, smartphone-optimized experience complete with Boundless Learning Technology and content. Today, Boundless is happy to announce its first native apps for iPhone and iPod touch, available for free from the App Store at, which allow students to read textbook alternatives, quiz themselves with flashcards, use Boundless Learning Technology, highlight, take notes, and search for information all on the go.

New Content

Improved and expanded Boundless content complements the classroom, helping students use what they are learning in class to study better at home. There are more than 20 subjects, including new subjects like Statistics, Calculus and Physics. Like original Boundless content, these new books are created by professors and subject matter experts, mined from the best resources available online. Every subject includes new, expert-created flashcards tied to chapters, in addition to subjects and quizzes aligned with students’ learning objectives.

Free Educational Content

Boundless is committed to providing high-quality educational content for free. Currently, Boundless offers more than 20 introductory level textbooks for free on its website with no registration required. These books are used by over a million students a month from all around the globe. Today, Boundless is also releasing these books for free in one of the world’s most popular ebook stores: the iBookstore (with Kindle support coming soon). The company’s iBooks include titles like Boundless Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Statistics, and Introduction to Writing. Students can now access Boundless’ high-quality, college-level content online, offline, on any device, at anytime – for free.

Check out Boundless’ digital textbooks and study tools here.

The Boundless App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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