Boundless in the News: National Headlines Focus on Textbook Alternatives

As Boundless enters its best school year yet, reporters at major publications and TV networks are taking note. Here’s a round-up of some of the places Boundless has been making headlines recently.

boundless on bloomberg

Our CEO Ariel Diaz interviewed with Money Matters on Bloomberg TV recently. During his interview, he said,

Boundless-branded textbooks are free across our 20 plus subjects. They’re free on our website, in our mobile apps, and in other platforms. And on top of that, we offer two things on a premium basis: one are premium study tools… and we also offer students the ability to customize Boundless to their assigned textbook.

Click to watch the interview above.


And in TIME’s TechLand, reporter Dough Aamoth talked about how Boundless textbook alternatives work. He wrote,

Boundless has content for a wide range of college subjects, most of it for popular entry-level courses where traditionally-assigned textbooks would have spanned multiple editions already. You can cross-check any books you’ve been assigned and Boundless will return comparable matches from its own collection.


Over in the Washington Post, our mobile app got stellar reviews. The Washington Post reviewed Boundless and said,

The company says the textbooks are as good as ones you may buy from a college bookstore, and the app even lets you search for a textbook you need in order to find one in the Boundless catalog that can work for the same class… For those looking to save cash or for help with the fundamentals, however, Boundless gets an A.

For money-saving back to school tips, ABC News featured 3 key ways students can save money (see video above). Among their tips: skip the school bookstore! They said,

Consider buying used textbooks on Amazon and renting textbooks at Rent-a-Text for 40 percent to 70 percent off. And for intro classes, use the website Boundless, which matches assigned books with free versions online.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal chatted with our CEO too, discussing how Boundless can save students money. Watch the interview above!

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