Why Boundless Is Better Than Your Textbook

When you study from a textbook, you first read over the topics you’re supposed to learn. Then you write down the key points. You read that summary over and pull out a highlighter to highlight important topics in your notes. You grab a pack of index cards and start writing out flashcards that correspond to those highlighted topics. Once you finish the flashcards, you go grab a coffee and a snack because it’s time to begin quizzing yourself and studying. Really… after all of that, you’re only about to begin studying.

Isn’t that a little ridiculous?

Boundless thinks so. We put together a textbook that saves you all the trouble of study prep. That’s because a Boundless textbook is way more than a textbook – it’s a personal tutor, an online search and yes, a textbook all in one. Here’s how it works.



When you are assigned a term paper, you go to some trusted places for reliable sources. So do we. We use Open Educational Resources (or OER) – which are basically all the academic sources that are free on the web – and our experts organize it all into one textbook for you. This textbook parallels your course textbook chapter-by-chapter so that you’ll never feel out of the loop during lecture, and you’ll be sure to cover the same concepts for way less money.

Study Materials

On top of all the information you get in our textbook, we offer you tons of studying materials. As you’re studying from our digital textbook, you can highlight, take notes, and get quizzed to ensure you’re ready for the next exam. We have already summarized the key points for every section of your reading as SmartNotes and built flashcards of key terms, concepts, and more.

Boundless Learning Technology

Two important learning methods are incorporated into how our learning technology works: active recall and spaced repetition. Boundless textbooks ensure that you’ll remember everything you study because you’re not just passively glancing over it; you’re actively taking part in the memorization process (cool!).

We’ve created perfectly timed study reminders that will help you commit information to your memory for good, and your textbook tracks your progress so you can target the tougher concepts. It’s like a personal tutor, without any awkward small talk.

The Pros of Digital

Since your textbook is digital, it’s accessible on any device with internet. You can study as you wait for the bus or stand in line to get your morning coffee. You save your back the pain of textbook weight. Our textbooks allow you to find chapters, key term definitions, and concepts instantly with the search feature. They’re updated in real time so they’re always up-to-date. Digital is smarter.

Saving Money

Our textbooks – plus all the awesome study materials and Boundless Learning Technology – are only $19.99. Stop spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks you only use for one semester, and go Boundless!