Boundless Textbooks on iBooks

We recently announced the launch of our new iBooks textbooks. These books are part of our continued efforts to create free and high quality textbooks for the college student and professor. Currently we have released 18 of our 20+ subjects, and the rest are in the works. These are all introductory level textbooks designed to help the college student grasp entry level topics, information and concepts in each subject.

iBooks Textbooks for all!

Currently our textbooks are 4 of the top 20 free textbooks in iBooks, and continue to rise in the rankings. If you have an iPad you can visit iBooks and download any and all of the books – for free. If you don’t have iBooks the material is available on our website via our open textbooks page. As Creative Commons highlighted on their blog about how Boundless uses CC licenses to create OER, all of these books are CC BY SA licensed, meaning you are free to use them, quote them and mash them up however you’d like as long as you provide proper attribution. So get learning!

If you are on you iPad, click any of the links below to get started!