7 College Clubs Every Student Should Try Out

College clubs are the perfect way to have fun, make friends, learn, and grow. There’s a reason you were told approximately three thousand times as a freshman to “JOIN. A. CLUB.” But joining clubs is for everyone, not just freshmen. Take a chance this year and check out your school’s version of these clubs (or make your own)!

1. Student Government

To learn more about why the things that happen at your school happen, look no further than the Student Gov. You’ll be much more aware and capable of voicing opinions about your school’s goings-ons. Plus, the opportunity to gain leadership experience is priceless.

2. [Your Field of Study] Club

Are you a pre-med biology major? Check out the Pre-med Society and the Biology Club! Most areas of study will have a related club where you can find study buddies and possible future career connections.

If you want another study buddy, check out Boundless, which will help you study smarter.

3. Dance Club

Or Art Club, or Poetry Club … join a club that allows you to express yourself. The stress of college can be soothed with a good creative session of something that takes your mind off work and deadlines for a bit.

4. Multicultural Clubs

There are plenty of cultural clubs that are always willing to welcome anybody interested in the culture. Go for the delicious free food at the meetings, but stay for the learning, fascinating conversation, and… the delicious free food, of course.


photo credit: John-Morgan via photopin cc

5. Quidditch

Not every club needs to be for your resumé’s advancement. Do something out of your character, or something that sounds incredibly fun. Join the Milk & Cookies club, the improv comedy group, the Quidditch team, the Zombie Contingency Plan Council – you’ll love the extra dose of goofy in your life.

6. Honor Societies

It’s good to be surrounded by dedicated students – it makes it easier to be one yourself. Join an academic club that will inspire you to finish your papers ahead of time, and meet passionate students from diverse fields in the meantime.

7. A Philanthropy Club

Joining a club that does work for charity, or volunteering to do community service, will change your perspective for the wiser. You’ll learn about compassion and how to help others, and the experience could change what you choose to do with your degree.

What’s your favorite club at your school?