How to Save Money on Textbooks [Infographic]

No one enjoys marking the start of new school year by dropping hundreds of dollars on textbooks. Rather than spend so much on expensive books, use the tips from this cheat sheet by Boundless to save money on textbooks! Check out the infographic below for 6 practical tips for getting all you need for class without breaking the bank.

We also asked students what they would do with the money they saved on textbooks from tips like these. Here’s how they responded:

  • Almost 50% of students said they would put that money toward tuition

  • 18% said they’d use it for their housing expenses

  • Only 6% of students said they would use that money for fun activities like shopping or meals out with friends.

You can find more tips and stats in our infographic below!

How to Save Money on Textbooks Infographic

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  • Jim P

    i am super cheap but my best place for buying new or used books has been They have the largest # of sellers
    so the prices are super cheap. Plus they show coupons if there are any