Boundless in the News: Guest Post on Good Studying Distractions

study distractions

This week, Boundless published a guest post on USA Today College on studying distractions students should embrace. If you focus too hard on studying and forget to give your brain a break, you might wind up doing more harm than good. Whether you’re studying for a final exam or prepping for a weekly quiz, here are some studying distractions to say ‘yes’ to:

  • Late Night Snacks: Set a late-night time with friends to get some snacks, and stick to it. Having an event to get to later in the night will make you set a deadline and keep you efficient. Just remember to go back to studying when you’re done.
  • The Gym: Keep up with your physical routine during midterms, because when the body gets flabby, so does the mind. The gym also forces you to shift your focus from studying to another excruciating activity. When you’re ready to go back to studying you’ll be refreshed from the break you gave your brain.


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photo credit: Martin Cathrae via photopin cc