How Daily Online Quizzes Boost Students’ Grades

online quizzes photo credit: Tintin44 – Sylvain Masson

We were happy to run across a recent study that confirms Boundless is doing the right thing by frequently quizzing students on their readings to help them retain important information. The study, by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin Psychology Department, showed that a group of students who “brought laptop computers to classes and took daily quizzes that provided immediate and personalized feedback” performed better than current and past classes who did not supplement their learnings with quizzing.

The students who took daily quizzes were seen to score, on average, half a letter grade higher than their predecessors in previous semesters where the students did not get regularly quizzed on their learnings. The use of active-recall methods also “resulted in a 50% reduction in the achievement gap as measured by grades among students of different social classes,” making education more accessible to all.

Here at Boundless, we’re all about accessibility and effective learning. The Boundless Learning Technology in our premium textbooks uses active recall by guiding students through their readings with regular quizzes after each chapter section – just as this study proved effective learning should be. Our textbooks are a fraction of the usual college textbook cost, and are easily accessible on any device. Check out Boundless premium textbooks for yourself.