6 Websites With Great Student Discounts

Throughout your college career, you’ll make some tough decisions. Sometimes you’ll be deciding whether or not to change your major or do pre-med. Sometimes you’ll be deciding whether or not to stay up all night studying. And sometimes you’ll be deciding between ramen for the third night in a row or spending some of your very little extra money on a real dinner.

However, as a student you are pretty lucky – the world is crawling with discounts for your light college wallet. Save some money for dinner by using these student discount sites!

1. Want to head home for break or maybe do a cheap weekend getaway? Get your travel discounts from StudentUniverse! This site has flight discounts as well as cheap tickets for activities while traveling. Keep it in mind when you study abroad!

photo credit: Wendy Longo photography via photopin cc

2. Studentrate has cool featured deals every week and student discounts posted daily from your favorite stores. 50% off and free shipping all while shopping from the comfort of my bed? Don’t mind if I do.

3. The Cheap Textbook is a great way to search and compare the prices of your textbooks, comparing over fifty merchants (including Boundless!) to ensure that you’re not just throwing your money out the window this semester.

4. CollegeBudget helps your wallet with exclusive deals only for students on the stuff you would get anyway, like haircuts and clothes. So you’d be silly not to save money on it all – and maybe this week you can *gasp* save yourself from the terror of school cafeteria coffee!

5. Tech-savvy students will be happy to hear that software discounts at JourneyEd will help you get that program you need, but really couldn’t afford. Adobe programs, Office, and Rosetta Stone are among the discounted products.

6. And definitely don’t forget Boundless, where you’ll find a better alternative to your textbook with study tools built in – all for only $19.99!

With the help of these sites, you’ll find that you’re saving tons of money and living easier. Take advantage of every student discount you can, and your college budget will be happier than ever before.

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