Boundless in the News: Teaching Platform and Growth Highlighted

It’s been a busy month for us here at Boundless. We’ve been making local and national headlines due to our launch of innovative and customizable educator tools and due to the news of our lawsuit settlement. Here’s a quick recap of what has been said in the news lately:


When we launched our Boundless Teaching Platform in early December, the Boston Business Journal highlighted all the features we now offer, free of cost, for educators:

“Features on the new Boundless Teaching Platform include a dashboard that allows teachers to assign readings or quizzes and monitor students’ activity, and pre-built lecture slides in PowerPoint or PDF.”


Discussing the same launch, The Hechinger Report praised Boundless innovation within the edtech world and wondered if we could end the paper textbook. We say yes!

“Millions of students in kindergarten through college are still hauling around piles of heavy, quickly outdated paper textbooks that cost anywhere from $30-$200 per subject, per student … Some innovative K-12 teachers may already have the wherewithal to do an end run around the traditional textbook, and startups like Boundless will make this easier.”


When we settled our lawsuit with traditional textbook publishers, BostInno noted our growth in the time since the lawsuit started:

“With the dust settling on this industry drama, the startup will be able to shift attention back to its disruptive products. That being said, the suit hasn’t been slowing them down. The company recently unveiled a customizable teaching platform to allow teachers to customize and curate their classes’ textbook content.”


Meanwhile, Inside Higher Ed looked forward:

“The parties reached a confidential settlement that means Boundless can ‘continue doing what we set out to do on a high level throughout the world of education,’ CEO Ariel Diaz said.”


They weren’t alone in looking to what we can do in the future. VentureFizz wrote:

“Unburdened by the shackles of a lawsuit hanging over their head, the Boundless team is moving forward to be a dominant force in what Diaz called ‘a massive wave of innovation in education.’ In a city with a growing reputation for being an EdTech hub, Boundless may be the figurehead of a growing, positive movement to make education better for everyone.”

It has been a great month here at Boundless, and we are excited to look forward to more innovation and disruption as we continue making education accessible to all.