How EdTech and Open Resources Scale the Student-Teacher Relationship, Not the Classroom

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As classrooms continue to scale to hundreds, thousands, and now hundreds of thousands with MOOCs, the student-teacher relationship becomes stretched to capacity. While opening up learning to the masses is great, we need to make sure the quality of the student-teacher relationship stays strong — and perhaps surprisingly, the combination of open educational resources (OER) and educational technology will help us achieve just that.

Our VP of Content, Nick Ducoff, recently spoke to this idea of using OER and edtech to scale student-teacher relationships at the 10th Annual Open Education Conference in Park City, Utah.The conference was a celebration of the open education movement’s recent successes and a time to look forward to the educational innovation that will surge forth from the open education movement.

Nick’s talk focused on the student-teacher relationship gap and how it is bridged by a combination of OER and edtech. Looking forward, he explained, OER will become a hub of content that is personalized with adaptive technology that actively helps students learn. He gave a quick preview of how Boundless builds a learning platform for both students and educators on a solid foundation of quality OER content.

Take a look at the presentation and Nick’s slides and talk below!