Using Boundless Teaching Aids in Your Class

Boundless makes teaching easier for educators with customizable textbooks and teaching aids as part of our Teaching Platform. Save time in your busy schedule with pre-built teaching slides customized to your Boundless textbook!

PowerPoint presentations for every chapter

Once you’ve selected a book and created a class in your account, click the “Teaching Resources” tab inside your class page. This gives you instant access to download PowerPoint slides that match the content in your textbook. Presentations are available for each chapter of your book, and include chapter and section outlines, summaries of key concepts, definitions of key terms, and visual aids.

Easy to edit and share

Boundless provides a strong foundation for class slides, but we know each educator has a unique teaching style. So we’ve made our slides completely editable and shareable. Tweak, re-order, or add to the content in your slides as you see fit. We even encourage you to share the finished results with your colleagues and  community.

Interactive class activities

Boundless slides even include a layer of class interactivity. Our teaching slides contain multiple choice questions that you can use to quiz your students on key concepts or terms.

Get started!

These pre-built PowerPoint slides are part of the Boundless Teaching Platform, which gives educators the power to assign and customize affordable textbooks and interact with their class through assignments, lectures, and more.

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