Feel the Love: Educators Tell Us Why They Love Boundless

Professors across the country have been assigning their students Boundless textbooks instead of traditional print textbooks. Because Boundless prices are a fraction of the cost students are usually asked to pay, both professors and students benefit from Boundless textbooks – plus, our online textbooks come with built-in study and teaching aides as part of our Boundless Learning Technology and Teaching Platform. If you’re thinking about switching your classroom to Boundless soon,  these educators can tell you what it’s like.

Our content is vetted and curated by a team of subject matter experts, and is peer reviewed to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. Even after our content is published, we continue to improve it based on feedback from thousands of professors and students who use it every day. Dr. T. Heath Ogden, an Assistant Professor of Utah Valley University, remarked on the quality of Boundless content.

Heath Ogden

I would recommend Boundless to instructors who are looking for quality, vetted, open source material, that is easily customized to the content level and detail for introductory Biology Classes.

Dr. Gavin Buffington is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at Fort Hays State University. He looks forward to our recently-launched Teaching Platform, which allows educators to customize their textbooks and monitor student progress throughout their course.


I’m using a Boundless textbook this semester in my Engineering Physics I class and I’ve been impressed by the quality of content, as well as the company’s responsiveness to user comments and requests. We’re planning to use the book again in the spring and fall of 2014 — these new tools for educators will only enhance my ability to customize content, give assignments and interact with students on their progress in class.

Former Community College Dean and current Clover Park Technical College Communications Instructor Phil Venditti appreciates the value of well-constructed online textbooks.


It’s fun, easy, and intellectually rewarding to navigate through the Boundless website. I’m very impressed by the value of Boundless to students in my discipline and hope other faculty members will take advantage of what it offers.

Paper-free is faster and easier – Boundless knows it and so do college students! Our textbooks are mobile-friendly so that students can study on-the-go. Narveen Jandu, a lecturer in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School, spoke to Boundless’s compatibility in a digital age.


Finally, a great new online learning tool for college students! Boundless is perfect for today’s tech-savvy and plugged-in students!

To learn more about how you can use Boundless in your classroom, visit our Boundless Teaching Platform page!