Students Share Their Thoughts on Studying with Boundless Textbooks

Every semester, students using Boundless textbooks have great things to say about how they’re learning better without breaking the bank by purchasing their assigned textbook. Here’s what some of our users have to say about their Boundless experience!

Austin J. from Princeton University loves how our Learning Technology helps him study.

The continuous review that Boundless weaves into its chapters and quizzes are dynamite.This reinforcement ensures that hard learned facts are not forgotten as the course progresses, and allowed me to build on the material MUCH easier than I would have been able to do with a traditional textbook.

Ashley F. of Northeastern University, enjoys the extra weight in her wallet and the lack of weight in her bookbag.


I can’t thank the Boundless team enough!! I saved a TON of money by going Boundless – AND gave my back a break from carrying a bunch of textbooks around 🙂 I’m definitely telling my friends about this great deal. Thanks, Boundless!

Kyle B. from Michigan State University, is glad that he saved money while studying more effectively.


Boundless is the perfect electronic resource for students looking to save tons of money on textbooks. The books are also easier to read and understand – it’s a win win! Better grades and more money in my pocket!!

Kendra B., from the University of South Carolina, is pleased at her high academic performance with Boundless.


My professor took me aside after our last class and told me that I continually made the best grades out of all the students in the course! I couldn’t have done it without help from Boundless and the helpful features!

Q-Nan C., from the University of Texas at Austin, found Boundless more convenient and portable than traditional textbooks.


I love Boundless because it helped me save money and time because I used my tablet to study Boundless notes and quizzes on the go! My freshman year experience of studying with traditional textbooks became a hassle because I had to pay for return shipping when I returned my books – but with Boundless, you do not have to worry about shipping costs. You have more time with studying via a phone or a computer – I aced my two of my Sociology exams when I studied with Boundless!

Idaho State student Lisa H. found her Boundless textbook was better than overpriced paper textbooks.


I don’t know how Boundless did it but the contents and study guides were better than my classmates’ hard textbooks. Try it once and you will want to continue.

Daniel G., from Southern Adventist University, is happy about Boundless’s convenient search features.


I love the ability to search my books! I was the sole reason why I bought Boundless! I’ve used it for two semesters, and I absolutely love it!

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  • Anonymous

    I am having trouble being able to use the book I just bought. I am able to see the table of contents for the book but am completely unable to read anything, get quizzed on anything, and be able to find use for anything on the website. I need this fixed fast. Is there no one I can talk with?

    • JessicaBoundless

      Hi there – shoot us a note at support [at] boundless [dot] com and we’ll look into your issue!