Could Your College Campus Go Completely Digital and Open? [SlideShare]

We’re seeing a paradigm shift in education.

Student debt is now higher than ever — over $1 trillion on the national level — and 70% of students report not buying textbooks due to cost. With the cost of education working against students, it’s clear we need a way to increase student access to educational materials and reduce the barriers holding so many back.

Boundless recently spoke with Dr. Tracey Wyatt, Dean of Assessment and Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness at York College, about his institution’s switch to a digital and open campus.

York College going digital and openYork is a small, liberal arts college in Nebraska focused on improving the cost of education for its students. Dr. Wyatt told us his campus is going completely digital, and has even eliminated the campus bookstore!

The faculty at York College are turning to open resources as a means to make educational content more affordable and accessible for their students. In particular, Dr. Wyatt points to three key ways to ensure your students use the open resources assigned:

  • Make the open resources central to your class. Students won’t always get the assigned book or reading even if it is free or little cost. To ensure they read what you assign, tie a quiz back to each assignment! Tweet this tip!
  • Ensure your content solution meets class needs. Be aware of your students’ needs and preferences. Though you may aspire to be a fully digital campus, there could be some students who still require print access. Tweet this tip!
  • Support open resources with external sources. Open resources are great in many courses, especially intro-level ones, but occasionally require you to bring in outside resources or experts. Tweet this tip!

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