Boundless in the News: Introducing Cloud Powered Education

This week, Boundless launched Cloud Powered Education and invited the teaching community to write the future of education with us.

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Boundless in BetaBoston

BetaBoston declared, “Boundless wants to do to textbooks what Wikipedia did to encyclopedias.” Reporter Dennis Keohane gave an overview of all we announced this week, and said,

“As one of the viable insurgents to the education establishment, Boundless has a secret weapon that the collaboratively edited online encyclopedia lacks — academic experts to supply and edit its content, making sure that the standards of quality are acceptable for higher education. Boundless, however, is not looking to take on Wikipedia. The company actually has its sights set on a different target: the multi-billion dollar college textbook industry.”

Boundless in edSurgeMary Jo Madda wrote about our new Cloud Powered Community, a way for the teaching community to create content, propose changes, an discuss each other’s work. She described it as a way to “crowdsource content” and wrote,

“The educator community can create content on the Boundless platform, and Boundless’s editorial team actively ‘approves/makes sure that content is valid. The Boundless site refers to it as an ‘open call for collaboration,’ doing for textbooks what Wikipedia did for encyclopedias.”

Boundless on MediumThis week we also reaffirmed our commitment to universal access to high-quality education. CEO Ariel Diaz explained on Medium how the cloud will make universal access possible — and how Boundless is paving the way. Read his piece.

You Can Write the Future of Education

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