Boundless Unveils Cloud Powered Education

Universal access to high-quality education is a right, not a privilege.

This mantra is core to our mission at Boundless, where over the past three years we’ve grown to reach more than 3 million students and educators. As far as we’ve come, we know there is still more we can do to make universal access a reality.

Today, we’re inviting the teaching community to write the future of education with us. We’re opening up our platform for collaboration and contributions to grow our content and reach millions more. We’re doing this all through Cloud Powered Education.boundless cloud powered education

Cloud technology is primed for use in education. It allows for real-time updates, gives metrics and data on how content is used, enables access across many platforms, and makes sharing and community-building simple. These characteristics are all core to education, and Boundless is leveraging them all to write the future of education. The result: the most powerful way to create educational content, and the easiest way to use it.

Cloud Powered Textbooks

Educators can use Boundless to assign off-the-shelf content or easily customize their own title. Boundless offers content in 20+ subjects, peer-reviewed by academic experts. Educators can customize content to match their syllabi, giving their students an affordable alternative to traditional, expensive textbooks. Boundless makes it simple for educators to share content with their students in real time, through the cloud.

Cloud Powered Teaching Resources

boundless cloud powered teaching resources

Not only can educators use Boundless content in their classrooms, they can also simplify class preparation with our many teaching resources. Choose from thousands of assessment questions, teach with supplemental PowerPoints, and easily assign readings. The cloud enables quick access to all these resources, and if an educator opts to customize any content it is reflected instantly.

Cloud Powered Classroom

The cloud allows Boundless to offer content across any platform and browser — and we’ve even made materials available for download via PDF or Word. This multi-platform access makes it simple for educators to get real-time data on how students perform on assignments. Rather than waiting until the midterm or final to see if students understand core material, Boundless makes this information readily available to educators with each assignment.

Cloud Powered Community

Boundless has worked with an internal community of hundreds of academic experts over the past three years to build a base of content in 21 subjects. Now, we’re excited to open up our platform and invite the teaching community to contribute, edit, and share content on Boundless. Contributors can create content, propose changes, and discuss each other’s work. The updates and collaboration within our community are enabled by the cloud, fostering discussion and allowing for easy sharing.

The only way to truly make educational content creation simple and access universal is to power it through the cloud. We’re ready to write the future of education. Join us.

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