Educator spotlight: Susan Siegmann, NCCC

Next up in our educator spotlight series: Professor Susan Siegmann from Niagara County Community College. Last year Professor Siegmann used Boundless for three of her Business Administration classes and was excited to see just how receptive her students were to the price-point and quality of the content. Read on below to learn more about her experience with Boundless.

Q: What attracted you to Boundless originally?

AI was originally attracted to Boundless because of the high cost of college textbooks.

Q: What do you consider to be the greatest benefits that Boundless has provided?

AAffordability: Boundless has worked with our bookstore to make the [Boundless access] code available to students on Financial Aid.

Q: Can you provide an example of how use of Boundless courseware has helped your students?  

AThe use of Boundless has increased the potential for the students to use the book. They were not purchasing the book before.

Q: Would you recommend Boundless to other faculty and institutions?

AI would and have recommended Boundless to several faculty members!