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Boundless Partners with Top Hat to Bring Collaborative Educational Content to 300,000+ Students

top hat logoToday, Boundless is announcing a partnership with Top Hat, a teaching platform that improves learning outcomes in the classroom, to bring collaborative educational content to more than 300,000 students. The partnership integrates Boundless’ content library of 21 subjects into Top Hat’s widely-adopted teaching platform, creating a powerful single platform from which professors can teach in a more engaged and efficient way.

Boundless API for Third-Party Platforms

Unlike traditional publishers, Boundless content is available via API for seamless integration with third-party platforms, so partners — like Top Hat — can serve their users with affordable, digital teaching and learning materials. The entire Boundless library of 21 introductory college-level subjects, including textbooks and assessment questions, is available in a flexible, structured data stream to plug into other platforms. To learn more about our API, please contact

Read our press release on the Top Hat partnership below. Continue reading

With Recent Team Updates, Boundless Is Poised to Make Education Universally Accessible

Team Boundless is the type of team that can tackle something truly huge. That’s why we’re excited to share some team updates today as we continue to make education universally accessible.

molly lindsay

Molly Lindsay, VP of Content

Molly Lindsay joined Boundless more than a year ago and has been instrumental in growing our content and connecting educators to our resources. Today, she has been promoted to VP of Content to grow and distribute our content offerings.

Molly joined Boundless from McKinsey and Co., where she led strategy projects for clients in the private, public, and social sectors. Previous professional experience includes evaluating high-growth startups in emerging markets as part of the portfolio expansion team at Endeavor, as well as developing K-12 curriculum at Expeditionary Learning. Molly holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA in History from Yale University, where she graduated with honors. She teaches media studies as an adjunct professor at Bunker Hill Community College, speaks Mandarin, and loves living in Boston.

matt hodgson

Matt Hodgson, Chief Technology Officer

Matt Hodgson joined our team as VP of Engineering before Boundless even launched out of beta. After leading our engineering team through three major product cycles, including the launches of our educator and community platforms, Matt has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer.

Matt is an entrepreneur and engineer with an insatiable desire to design and build amazing products. Before Boundless, Matt built consumer products as the CTO of TurningArt, a service that makes art more accessible to everyday people. Matt has also worked with Ariel in the past, as co-founder and CTO of YouCastr, a streaming video platform for high schools. Along the way Matt also developed the core products and technology for many startups, including video processing and transcoding infrastructure for 3 Play Media, motion capture and analysis software for Equusys, a live trading market for StarStreet, and a video streaming and recording platform for Take The Interview. Matt holds a B.A. in Physics from Ithaca College, a B.E. and Masters of Engineering Management from Dartmouth College, and serves on the board of the Dartmouth Boston Entrepreneur Network.

We’re thrilled to have both Molly and Matt leading teams at Boundless! Learn more about our team here.

Boundless in the News: Introducing Cloud Powered Education

This week, Boundless launched Cloud Powered Education and invited the teaching community to write the future of education with us.

See where Boundless is making headlines!

Boundless in BetaBoston

BetaBoston declared, “Boundless wants to do to textbooks what Wikipedia did to encyclopedias.” Reporter Dennis Keohane gave an overview of all we announced this week, and said,

“As one of the viable insurgents to the education establishment, Boundless has a secret weapon that the collaboratively edited online encyclopedia lacks — academic experts to supply and edit its content, making sure that the standards of quality are acceptable for higher education. Boundless, however, is not looking to take on Wikipedia. The company actually has its sights set on a different target: the multi-billion dollar college textbook industry.” Continue reading

Boundless Unveils Cloud Powered Education

Universal access to high-quality education is a right, not a privilege.

This mantra is core to our mission at Boundless, where over the past three years we’ve grown to reach more than 3 million students and educators. As far as we’ve come, we know there is still more we can do to make universal access a reality.

Today, we’re inviting the teaching community to write the future of education with us. We’re opening up our platform for collaboration and contributions to grow our content and reach millions more. We’re doing this all through Cloud Powered Education.boundless cloud powered education Continue reading

Boundless in the News: Textbook Industry Changes

breaking the bindings of traditional textbooks

This week we’re excited to be included in stories about the changing textbook industry.

boundless in fast company

Disrupting the Lucrative Textbook Industry

Fast Company explored the history of the textbooks this week, and questioned the emergence of digital offerings in this industry. When more than two-thirds of students report not purchasing a textbook due to cost, it’s clear affordable, modern alternatives are needed.

To be truly disruptive in the industry, you have to be innovative in what you offer — both for students and educators. CEO Ariel Diaz told Fast Company:

“We started with a focus on students to make sure that we’re building great products for them. In addition, along the way, we saw an increasing number of educators coming to Boundless to use the content in their classroom.”

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Boundless: Award-Winning Digital Textbooks

Boundless - Award-Winning Digital Textbooks

EdTech Digest recently crowned Boundless as the winner of its 2014 Cool Tools Award for Digital Textbooks. We’re honored to be selected as the winner in this category as we continue to serve millions of students with our digital textbook offerings.

Boundless includes an array of study tools and learning technology that make our textbooks more effective than traditional textbooks. Austin J. from Princeton University told us recently that our learning technology is a crucial part of his studying. He said:

The continuous review that Boundless weaves into its chapters and quizzes are dynamite. This reinforcement ensures that hard learned facts are not forgotten as the course progresses, and allowed me to build on the material MUCH easier than I would have been able to do with a traditional textbook.

The judges at EdTech Digest recognized Boundless’ leadership in digital reading and studying in its annual awards. 

“There is a lot of talent and quality out there, and we’re excited to recognize these cool tools, leaders and trendsetters in the education technology space,” said Victor Rivero, who oversees the program as Editor in Chief of EdTech Digest. “There are now thousands of startups, apps, and companies working in edtech, more than ever before. Shining a spotlight on the best and brightest, we intend to generate even more activity in this sector to continue pushing forward this education revolution for the benefit of future generations.”

As we march on to a post-textbook world — one where we finally put down traditional textbooks and move toward more modular and effective alternatives, in digital form — we’re honored to be recognized as a leader in this space.

Read the announcement on EdTech Digest. 

How to Use Open Resources in the Classroom

how to use open resources

With the cost of education higher than ever before, educators are turning to affordable, accessible educational content options. The wealth of open resources available online means educators have countless options for their classes, but actually finding and implementing this material in the class can be a daunting task for many.

Boundless CEO Ariel Diaz recently co-hosted a webinar with Dr. Tracey Wyatt, Dean of Assessment and Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness at York College, on how to use open resources in the classroom. Catch highlights from their webinar below, and view their slides to learn more.

The Benefits of Open Resources

Open educational resources, also known as OER, provide vast, high-quality content that can be molded and utilized across many different platforms. These resources are used across the educational landscape for teaching, learning, and assessment. Continue reading

Feel the Love: Educators Tell Us Why They Love Boundless

Professors across the country have been assigning their students Boundless textbooks instead of traditional print textbooks. Because Boundless prices are a fraction of the cost students are usually asked to pay, both professors and students benefit from Boundless textbooks – plus, our online textbooks come with built-in study and teaching aides as part of our Boundless Learning Technology and Teaching Platform. If you’re thinking about switching your classroom to Boundless soon,  these educators can tell you what it’s like.

Our content is vetted and curated by a team of subject matter experts, and is peer reviewed to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. Even after our content is published, we continue to improve it based on feedback from thousands of professors and students who use it every day. Dr. T. Heath Ogden, an Assistant Professor of Utah Valley University, remarked on the quality of Boundless content.

Heath Ogden

I would recommend Boundless to instructors who are looking for quality, vetted, open source material, that is easily customized to the content level and detail for introductory Biology Classes. Continue reading

Boundless Report: Ushering in a Post-Textbook World

Today, Boundless is releasing our report Ushering in a Post-Textbook World to highlight college students’ transition from traditional to digital learning resources. We surveyed nearly 650 college students about how they study, the high cost of textbooks, and exactly how they feel about the move to digital alternatives. We found that digital learning alternatives are quickly becoming as popular, and even overcoming, traditional resources. These trends are leading us closer to a post-textbook world, where physical reference materials give way to digital resources that deliver better education with greater access.

Download a copy of our report, or read a summary below.

report cover.001

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The Right Time to Study: Spaced Repetition Helps You Study Better

boundless spaced repetition.001

At Boundless, we constantly work to improve learning through technology. Helping students study more effectively is one of our key goals — and the Boundless Learning Technology in our premium textbooks helps students understand and remember concepts better, so they’re better prepared for class and lifelong learning. Spaced repetition is a core component of our learning technology.

This is the second in a two part series about the science behind Boundless Learning Technology. Read part one, which focuses on active recall.

What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition shows that there is an ideal time to practice what you’ve learned to best remember the information. Our learning tech knows this, and optimizes student studying to match up with this ideal timing. Continue reading