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Boundless merges with Valore

Boundless acquired by Valore: Teaming up to continue innovating in the textbook market

I’m excited to announce today that we are merging with Valore, a fast-growing Boston based company with a shared vision of serving students and modernizing the textbook market.

We started Boundless with the mission that universal access to quality education is a right, not a privilege, and we have spent the last four years working hard towards achieving that. The result is an amazing platform and product that serves well over 4 million students and teachers around the world every month. We have created a rich library of content, with core textbooks in over 25 subjects, as well as a powerful content management platform that enables us, and a growing community of experts and educators, to quickly create and update content.

Our platform also empowers educators by giving them control over their educational resources, including customizable textbooks, reading assignments, and quizzes. And of course all of this creates a rich, easy to use learning and study experience for students.

As we enter this next chapter, we will continue to march towards our mission with even more momentum. Valore has greatly optimized textbook distribution, helping students save on one of their biggest out of pocket expense. Combined with our digital products, content, and expertise, we will continue to democratize learning by creating and offering better products and better prices.

The Boundless brand will live on, and we will continue to focus on creating next generation learning and teaching tools. Our content will remain openly licensed, the entire team is staying on, and I’m thrilled to continue to lead Boundless and Valore in my new role as Chief Digital Officer in the combined company.

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College Persistence: Community Colleges and the Cost of Course Materials

I recently had the pleasure of representing Boundless at the Texas Community College Teachers’ Association (TCCTA) annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. With enrollment in the Texas community college system standing at nearly three quarters of a million, the members of the TCCTA are educating a substantial portion of the Texas student population.

While Texas did not provide the sunshine I had hoped for (it was 33 degrees and raining in San Antonio), it did provide for some excellent cross-cultural experiences (apparently in Texas they start shutting down highways when it’s cold?!). It also provided evidence that educators like Boundless sunglasses, Texans like their cowboy hats, and we all love a good photo op.

Boundless at TCCTA

A gracious invitation from the TCCTA Management Educators also provided me the opportunity to speak at one of the conference seminars, where I discussed what we do at Boundless, and our relevance in the community college context.

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Boundless in the News: Teaching Platform and Growth Highlighted

It’s been a busy month for us here at Boundless. We’ve been making local and national headlines due to our launch of innovative and customizable educator tools and due to the news of our lawsuit settlement. Here’s a quick recap of what has been said in the news lately:


When we launched our Boundless Teaching Platform in early December, the Boston Business Journal highlighted all the features we now offer, free of cost, for educators:

“Features on the new Boundless Teaching Platform include a dashboard that allows teachers to assign readings or quizzes and monitor students’ activity, and pre-built lecture slides in PowerPoint or PDF.” Continue reading

Get BuzzFeed Famous with a Text Prank!

Did you know that college students, on average, spend over $1000 dollars a year on textbooks? At Boundless, we’re trying to change that. And we want your help! We’re putting together a post on the well-known site BuzzFeed (yeah, the one that you waste time on when you should be studying for class), and you can be featured in it! Just send a little text prank to your parents…

There are four steps to becoming BuzzFeed Famous:

1. Text your parents some form of “I need $1000 for textbooks this year,” but with your usual spunk and personality.

For example: “Mommm… I’m looking at my textbooks and I need $1000 dollars to buy them this year =(“

2. Wait for their response.


3. Screenshot the inevitable disbelief.


4. And send it to us! There are a few ways to do this:

– Twitter/Instagram: Upload the photo and make sure you tag @GoBoundless in your caption or tweet!

– Facebook: Post your photo on the Boundless Facebook page.

The sooner you send us your text conversation, the better. Get it to us by September 10th at the absolute latest, but shoot for today! Your conversation might be on BuzzFeed, so get to texting.


4th of July Trivia

photo credit: Sky Noir (cc)

4th of July is just around the corner and we’re excited to celebrate! This holiday of summer fun is usually celebrated with barbecues and fireworks, but many people forget the history behind our independence! Take a look at the 4th of July trivia questions below to see if you still remember our nation’s history!

Scroll down for answers                                                                  

Question 1

Why is our independence day celebrated on the 4th of July?

Question 2

When and where did Congress approve the resolution for independence?

Question 3

Who wrote the final draft of the Declaration of Independence?

Question 4

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Brief Boundless Site Outage on April 11

dog napping

Early Thursday, April 11, Boundless will be going dark for a quick nap — but we’ll be back in time for your morning cup of coffee. Our nap starts at 2 am ET April 11th and is scheduled to end two hours later at 4 am ET.

During this brief outage, users will not have access to their Boundless accounts or any part of our website. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ll be back before you know it! And if you miss us while we’re gone, why not enter our Finals Care Package giveaway?

Questions? Email us at and we’d be happy to assist!
photo credit: jacsonquerubin via photopin cc

How the Boundless Campus Battle Started a Textbook Revolution

To kick off the Spring 2013 semester in full gear we hosted #CampusBattle, a competition amongst all Boundless marketing teams on campuses across the country. Each team’s objective was to stack up as many registrations as possible in one week. Needless to say, competition was fierce!

Class of 2016, Smartphones & More in This Week’s EdTech Report

Class of 2016, Smartphones & More in This Weeks EdTech Report

Each week, Boundless keeps up with the biggest edtech news and brings you the highlights.

Ready to Feel Old? 
via Inside HigherEd

Beloit College’s annual “mindset list” came out this week, shedding light on the college Class of 2016. To put things in perspective, for the entering class, most born in 1994:

  1. They have always lived in cyberspace. They’re even addicted to “electronic narcotics.”
  2. Women have always piloted war planes and space shuttles.
  3. They have lived in an era of instant stardom and self-proclaimed celebrities, famous for being famous.
  4. Their parents have never gazed with pride on a new set of bound encyclopedias for the family bookshelf.

How will this affect how you teach this year’s freshman class? Continue reading

Unnecessary Ebooks, Digital Tools & More in This Week’s EdTech Report

Unnecessary E-books, Digital Tools & More in This Week’s EdTech Report

Each week, Boundless collects the best edtech news to keep you informed of the latest trends.

Mike Tracy, Art Institute of Orange County Teacher, Fired for Not Forcing Students to Buy Pointless E-Textbooks
via OC Weekly 

Some educators go above and beyond to ensure that their students save money on textbooks and school supplies for class. One such educator is Mike Tracy, the now former animation director for the Art Institute of California—Orange County. He refused to require his students to purchase what he saw as unnecessary and expensive ebooks for class, but the school had other plans. Tracy wrote on his Facebook page,

Today, the President of the school, Greg Marick, presented me with an ultimatum; either choose a book by Tuesday, Aug 14th or the company will terminate my employment for insubordination. My response, of course, is that I will not change my mind on this issue and that I’m determined to resist the policy however I can. I think this means that, as of this week, I will no longer be teaching at AI.

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Get Schooled on EdTech with instaGrok

As the edtech sector grows, so too do the companies at the heart of revolutionizing education. Several of these edtech startups find their footing in incubators, like Imagine K12SIIIA Education Division, and others.

At Boundless, we know how important it is to have support from both the education and tech communities to get your ideas off and running, which is why we’re pleased to introduce “Get Schooled on EdTech,” an interview series with the best and brightest minds in education technology.

First up: Kirill Kireyev, Founder and CEO of instaGrok, a “next-generation search engine for learners.”

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