Educator Spotlight: Dr. Kate Clancy

We love encountering educators passionate about their fields on Twitter. That’s why Dr. Kate Clancy stood out to us. She’s constantly engaged in conversations with fellow academics and students.

Dr. Clancy is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her work focuses on understanding how lifestyle factors like exercise, diet, and stress impact ovarian and uterine function. She’s also taught couses like Biological Anthropology and Evolution and Human Disease to students at UIUC.

educator spotlight: kate clancy

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The Sports Psychology of Academia: Part II

But as many academics have pointed out many times: we aren’t really trained to do our jobs. I have no training in lab management, grantwriting, and personnel management. I have erred several times in my decision-making in the last four years simply because no one warned me about obstacles before I crashed headlong into them.

Impostors, the Culture of Science, and Fulfilling Our Potential 

I think that the questions I ask, the way I frame my research, and the evidence I have gathered is going to have a lasting, meaningful impact on my field and, I hope, on clinical women’s health research. I have a perspective that could radicalize our understanding of human reproductive ecology, and project ideas and upcoming pilots that will test whether this is the case.

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