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some tips for studying greener

With Boundless not only do students save money, they also save trees. Without relying on heavy textbooks filled with hundreds of pages of paper, Boundless students are one step closer to becoming some of the greenest students on campus.

However, going green doesn’t just mean ditching traditional textbooks; there’s an entire lifestyle to adopt.

Our intern, Mirella, put together a great list of easy, affordable tips for the eco-friendly student. You can read her post in its entirety on HackCollege, or check out some of our favorites tips below:

  1. Say no to traditional textbooks: Boundless gives students the perfect opportunity to make a huge environmental impact by using free, online textbooks.
  2. Let in natural light: When you study in your dorm or the library, kill the overhead lights where possible and sit next to a large window. You’ll get all the light you need from the sun on a nice day.
  3. Submit your homework online: Forget rushing to the library or print center to print your papers out the minute before they’re due and submit them online! That is if your professor allows it. If he/she doesn’t, ask if you can print assignments double-sided instead.

Read Some Tips for Studying Greener on HackCollege for more eco-friendly ideas.

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