Inauguration Facts Infographic and Free Constitution Textbook

In honor of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration this weekend, Boundless is excited to release a free US Constitution textbook based on open educational resources. And—just for fun—we’ve created an infographic with interesting and ridiculous facts on previous inaugurations.

Did you know that Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln’s Vice President, was too drunk at Lincoln’s 1865 inauguration to give a coherent speech? Check out the Inauguration Infographic below for other great inauguration facts, and use the embed code at the bottom to share it anywhere you want!

Inauguration Facts by Boundless

Get the Constitution Textbook

Boundless offers free textbook alternatives for books, such as Campbell Biology and Principles of Economics, and also has open textbooks in diverse subjects such as BiologyHistory and more. The US Constitution textbook includes background on the first American government, the Constitutional Convention, and (of course) the text of the ConstitutionGet the Free Constitution Textbook Here.

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