5 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Spring semester is either over or just wrapping up for most of you collegiates out there, and it’s about time we had our dose of summertime! There are endless opportunities for some fun in the sun now that you have some time to breathe. But be careful—it’s easy to lose track of budgeting while you let loose in the summer sun. So before you start planning your summer activities, check out some ways to save money this summer!

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1. Movie night

Gather a group of friends for a rotating movie night! Ditch the routine of going to expensive movie theaters and organize a weekly movie night, hosted by a different friend each week. If you’re like me and love the coming attractions, take a solid 15 minutes before you start the movie to check out iTunes movie trailers! There’s nothing like having the perks of a movie theater in the comfort of your own home.

2.  Discount websites

Don’t let frugal spending limit your summer fun! Stay updated on websites like Groupon and Gilt City for discounts on restaurants, trips, and activities. It’ll be easy to save money and keep your summer action-packed with these great online deals.

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3. Be your own chef

Ditch the restaurant scene entirely by cooking at home! You’ll save a ton of money budgeting on groceries instead of frequenting restaurants, especially when you split the cost of groceries with friends. Kick off the summer by trying out some fun new seasonal recipes!

4. Hydrate with H2O

Summer brings about the peak time for dehydration, so stay healthy and remember to drink water! You know what the best part about water is? It’s free. So if you’re feeling ambitious, try cutting out other drinks and stick to water! You’ll stay hydrated in the heat and save a whole lot of dough!

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5. Dive into a good book

Now that school is over, you have some quality time to read for pleasure! Take out a book from your local library or borrow from a friend, and you’ll have hours of enjoyment that doesn’t cost a dime. If you need a reccomendation, check out GoodReads for some suggestions that cater to your reading preferences.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to save money this summer without compromising your summer fun!

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